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   Humanity has been able to survive great catastrophes throughout its history: floods, epidemics, wars, etc., but now it is facing even worse situations than those it has previously lived through: climate change, tsunamis, viruses, great wars, massive extermination, atomic arsenals, bacteriological wars, contamination, etc. There is thus a great difference between the past and the present; those we must now deal with have been caused by Man and are big enough to wipe the human race off the face of the Earth.

   Economically we are in the process of the collapse of the Mass High Consumption Society, which W.W. Rostow considered to be the Fifth Economic Stage of Humanity. This collapse was predicted in 1985 in my book on Macroeconomics, so that it cannot be regarded as fortuitous, and has probably been deliberately caused to avoid a greater evil. We can also see that we have no idea how to cope with this situation or what its global consequences will be.

   Macroeconomics. p. 358: “…However, there is a general agreement on the following: if the present tendencies continue, the global economic structure will collapse in the middle of the 21st century.…”. See the figure 1 below:


Figure 1. The neoliberal collapse.

Consequences for human life

   All the above makes those who can find no escape feel sensations of desperation, fear and impotency. The politicians are out of their depth and helpless, religions only give apparent shelters to their own, social organizations only attend to their members and religious sects deceive their followers. Many are those who seek, and many find relief in social groups, but only a few are aware of the deception and go on looking.

   In the present situation everything is confused: the drug dealers are pursued when the problem lies in the demand for drugs; there are more and more weapons of mass destruction in the race to be the strongest nation, no one puts their trust in corrupt politicians, husbands and wives are at loggerheads, depressions cannot be cured, people are becoming more self-centred and prefer surfing the Internet to meeting their friends.

We must find a way out of the present situation

   As happened in the four previous Historical Stages, we must get away from this wholly destructive situation, but to do so it will be necessary to create a new perspective of thought to guide us on our way to the Sixth Historical Economic Stage of Humanity, which I call the Cosmosociety.

   The book is aimed at everybody, but first of all at those who are seeking but cannot find. Their hearts contain the petals of a flower waiting to be pollinated so that their fruits can be offered to the whole of Humanity. I know this is an enormous task, but it is necessary, not only to survive but to create the Cosmosociety that we all have within us. Let us give it the kiss of liberation. See the figure 1 below:


 Figure 2. The Cosmosociety is the New World.

Let us aspire to the new Cosmosociety

   The Cosmosociety will not simply be a renewal of our present society, but will be the experience we aspire to from the bottom of our hearts, as the expression of the deepest human sentiments. This is what we really aspire to and what we are looking for. But this too we reject, because we do not believe it is possible. Now is the historic moment to achieve it and fulfil our aspirations for a different life.

   We will have to change our present demands from life, and this will need a Revolution of Consciousness. We cannot go on feeling and thinking as we have been doing up to now because this is the reason why we are going astray. If things go on as they are or if we try to make changes with our present way of thinking we will continue to go astray even faster, and this is in fact happening. Our acts are the result of the way we think.

   We cannot therefore use for this our past experience of systems of thought, which have been eroded by time or have disappeared. We must open ourselves up to the purest and most original springs possible. To get out of the present situation, after it collapses, we must now lay the foundations of the original thought that will make it possible. It is needed the Purification of the Mind to reach the Cosmosociety.

   For this we will base our aims on the most original springs of thought conceivable, the Alphabet of Thought, which has already been discovered and is on offer in this book. It will guide us on our way; but let us also remember the words of the Spanish poet Antonio Machado: “Walker, there is no road; the road is made when you walk”.

Existence of the Alphabet of Thought

   There is something universal that it is thee and that made manifest in the different cultures in different places throughout History and which must be discovered, in order to find what we are looking for, to harmonise life on Earth.

   We find that the following cultural manifestations have been repeatedly given in time and space: ideals are believed in, emotions are experienced, teaching exists, art is conceived, silence is resorted to, governments are elected, there are religions, knowledge is accumulated, armies are formed, judgements are created, etc.

   The existing common and universal phenomena are also reflected in the great diversity of languages whose words all refer to the same common thoughts. The same thought-objects are formed, for example, by the following words: libro, book, livre, das Buch and kniga.

   If we can imagine a meeting of people of different nationalities, when a Spaniard says “libro” only those who speak Spanish will associate the same thought-object. The others will only hear a vibrating sound that will mean nothing to them. This vibration will be different to the sound of “book” but in both cases the vibration of the thought-object in the mind is the same.

   The same thing happens with the sentiments and emotions felt by hominids in different cultures, which also coincide, even though expressed in different words, and with all new concepts that appear in all languages.

   As throughout history there have been dictionaries that translate words from one language to another, it can be said that in all cultures common basic thoughts have appeared, expressed in other words. And it is something marvellous to discover them because they allow one to really feel a member of the human species of planet Earth.

  The something that it is there and that generates basic common thoughts is the manifestation of the universality of the of Alphabet of Thought. The existence of this original conception is reaffirmed by the fact that there has been a constant search for something universal throughout the History of Humanity, and even though different approaches have been used, their conceptions coincide, as we shall see in the examples given below. See the following Figure 3:


Figure 3. Does the Alphabt of Thought exist?

The search for the universal

   The different mythologies and religions speak of God or the All that cannot be conceived by knowledge and finally rests or remains “hidden”: Uranus in Greek mythology, the Creating Biblical God, the Hindu Nirguna-Brahman, etc. All of these show notable coincidences “beyond” time and space as we know.

   Science also tries to find that which for it is the All, starting from the multiplicity that exists in the Universe of Objects. It tries to discover the general laws of the Universe of Ideas that lead to other original laws such as: Numerical Spaces, Big-bang, Superstrings, etc. Although limited rational knowledge is used for this, it opens the way to systemic and chaotic thought.

   As we see, the constant search for the universal throughout History has been given diverse names, but is always essentially the same. G.W. Leibnitz and R. Llull, on the other hand, looked for it under this very name of the Alphabet of Thought.

Scientific confirmation of the Alphabet of Thought.

   Although the model provided in this book has a different conception to that of the recent Physical Theory of Superstrings, it possesses the basic coincidences. This theory states that the world we know proceeds from the waves emitted by vibrating strings of an Original Circle whose vibrations generate all the particles that exist. For this theory to be verified there must be 11 dimensions corresponding to each of the vibrating arcs that we can see in Figure 4 below.

   We can thus see it as an “Original Circular Musical Instrument” which we call here the Alphabet of Thought, which emits the essential vibrations that generate everything that exists by means of the arcs or musical strings of which it is composed.

   This conception is directly revealed here as being independent of the Superstring Theory. We can also say that the essential vibrations emitted by the cords are also expressed in the Human Consciousness by means of the alphabetic thoughts, or basic common thoughts, which generate everything that exists and everything we think. See the figure 4 below:


Figure 4. Original images that create everything that exists.

   We shall discover that there are 22 essential vibrations corresponding to the 11 dimensions of the Superstring Theory, considering also their opposites: 2 x 11 = 22. We shall see that the number pí is the composer of the music that “is heard” in the essential vibrations of the Alphabet of Thought. The four Parts of this book contain the explanation of all we have said so far.

   It is accepted, therefore, hereinafter that vibrate in the Human Consciousness 22 alphabetic thoughts, coming from 22 essential vibrations of 22 arcs of the Original Circle that express the number pi. This is possible to conceive due to the Universal Consciousness and because it is expressed in all that exists with the Creator and Transformer Principle of Image and Likeness. See the Figure 5 below:


Figure 5. The number pí generates the Alphabet of Thought.

The 22 alphabetic thoughts are transmitted by 22 sonorous words

   In the above circle, the three diameters are divided into 7 arcs. There are thus 4 scales or dimensions: Personal with 7 rational arcs (ev); Social with another 7; Cosmic, also with 7; Absolute (22) or Persephone with 1 irrational arc. On reading the 22 numbered words around the outside of the circle, the corresponding thoughts spring up in our minds. The 22 alphabetic thoughts of the Alphabet of Thought are 22 mental vibrations that appear accompanied by their appropriate thoughts, which can be perceived in a state of awareness.

   These alphabetic thoughts, or mental vibrations, are thus derived from the essential vibrations that are emitted when the arcs of the generating circle of the universe vibrate. It is as if it were a great “Musical Instrument” whose 22 chords produce the original music that is expressed as 4 scales of thought in Man by the Generator and Transformer Principle of Image and Llikeness. All of this together is applied to the transitional process that will have to be carried out to evolve from the present type of society to the future CosmoSociety. See figure 6 below:


Figure 6. The Alphabet of Thought generates the human thought.

   The words that must be pronounced are those that appear below. Their vibrations in the mind are the 22 alphabetical thoughts. The words that will appear in the Figure 7 are the followings: Ideal, Idea,..., Consummation, Persephone.

   Ideal.1 e Idea.2
   Link.3 and Verification.4
   Union.5 and Stabilization.6

   Advance.8 y Limit.9
   Involution.10 y Evolution.11
   Retroaction.12 y Disintegración.13

   Eclosion.15 y Transubstantiation.16
   Communion.17 y Detachment.18
   Individuation.19 y Resurrection.20



Figure7. The Alphabet of Thought.

Some examples derived from the Alphabet of Thought

   We´ll see two examples wchich show the Alphabet of Thought in our way of thinking:


Figure 8. When we think we follow the Alphabet of Thought.


Figure 9. The alphabetic thought Purification 14.

Some principles derived from the Alphabet of Thought

   They are thus reconciled, based on the circle, religious belief and scientific knowledge. It is a manifestation of the "divine scientific humility" than the number pí is computable, which allows approaching it as much as you want, with the help of a mathematical algorithm that determines its successive numbers.

   In the 508 pages of the book are considered all the original new thinking that comes from the Alphabet of Thought. However, they will be included here some principles stated in the responsiveness of Human Consciousness, as you can see by means of all the precedent explanations and the Figure 10:


Figure 10. The 22 arcs of the AT with the 22 alphabetic thoughts.

1º) There is a cognizable configuration, with 11 arcs and their other 11 intervals opposites, composed of couples, but with broken symmetry due to the different length of the irrational arc with respect to the other 21 arcs of the circumference. All the arcs would have to be of the same length so that the symmetry was complete.

2º) There is a singular couple or 11-22 axis, which relates the arc 11, rationally cognizable, with the 22 one, of irrational knowledge.

3°) It is also accesible that irrational knowledge by means of its difference 7 with essential vibration 15, that is manifested in the alphabetical thought Eclosion.15.

4º) In the axis 11-22, with difference 11, the length of the two opposite arcs are diffrent, then they are not symmetrically superimposable. With respect to that axis there are two hemispheres of 10 essential vibrations each, completing so the 22 arcs.

5º) We accept that the following correspondences between the 4 Circular Dimensions and the 4 Dimensions of the Human Consciousness are manifested: D1D2 with the Personal Dimension; D3D4 with the Social Dimension; D5D6 with the Cosmic Dimension; the irrational arc 22 with the Absolute Dimension or Intuitional one.

6º) Therefore, the reality is rational-irrational. If any claim or theories are exclusively rational, they will be subtly misleading actually.

7º) As the created universe has broken symmetry, due to the arc 22, it is in vain that the hominids try to reach the stable equilibrium in their existence. The reality of the Universe is the imbalance.

8º) The 4, 11 and 18 arcs are in the center of the respective dimensions in which they are found. In that type of symmetry is also located the central arc of the Absolute Dimension.

9º) As the Alphabet of Thought is livening all the existing up, the ratio by 7 and 11 of their 22 essential vibrations can explain in the elementary particles that successively are generated, the following phenomena:
   - The quantum bilocation, because the arcs are linked in pairs of difference 11. Then what is in one of them it is also in the other one.
   - The simultaneity of reaction between pairs of particles also corresponds to that property of the arches.

10º) What it is within the periphery of the circumference is as what is on the outside. It's like saying, the Atman or Individual Being coincides with Brahman or Universal Being.

11º) The 22 irrational vibration is the end and the beginning, the α and the Ω of the Alphabet of Thought, it is its O-22. It pre-exists as Fourth Dimension non-knowable; everything that can be manifest is there dual and irrationally contained.

12º) We can have the intuition that if Human Consciousness is illuminated by that All, what is looked at it, penetrates into the Space-time Universe. It begins to exist in it, and can then be known by Human Intelligence, although without its original nature.

   The true nature of the fourth dimension, that it is seen as the scalar dimension time, is lost then. The other three dimensions of our space are only the projection of three dimensions from the original tetradimensional space. In fact, what we call our reality, as the illuminated people say, is just a fiction.

Effects come before Causes 

   I believe that our future destiny can be avoided and this is why warnings are being given to human minds, such as the one given in this book. The transformation that society needs has to be done by society itself, but this rebirth must include all Humanity.

   In our actions, we base this behaviour on the knowledge of the desired effects in the future, prior to establishing in the present the necessary causes by which these effects will be produced. In other words, knowledge of the effects comes before the causes.

The book is a necessary cause in the present for the desired effect to occur of human life continuing on Earth in the future. Universal Intelligence is revealing to us now the transforming cosmic cause in the form of the Alphabet of Thought.

We must listen to this message without getting involved in absurd squabbles. We must avoid making the mistake of the hares in Samaniego’s fable, who sat down to debate whether the approaching dogs were greyhounds or bloodhounds, until they were all devoured while still discussing the issue.

What is then the Alphabet of Thought?

. The Music that composes number pí.

. A Cosmic Message from the future.

. Verb or Logos or Original Word.

. The Grail of our culture.

. ......................