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   This article should be read after the preceding one about “What is the Alphabet of Thought” which was already published in this blog. Both of them must be previously read in order to clarify the roots of the social problems caused by the gender-based violence and the pedophilia, which will be treated in the following article.

   Those two sexual manifestations must be eradicated, not only because of the social damage they are causing, but also because they impede the transit towards the new society that I call Cosmosociety. They usually are treated by law and judgment, but to solve them really we have to see their roots in depth, as we will do in these two previous articles.

   In order to begin to understand those sexual problems, we assume that Human Consciousness has 4 levels, which are manifested, as we will see, in the existing sexual duality Masculine-Feminine. We will base on the book that I've written "Alphabet of Thought and Cosmosociety", whose information appears at my website: www.cosmosociedad.es.


   We will go on referring us to the Human Consciousness, which is unique itself really, but that is expressed through four levels or universes. Then we will explain them and are represented in the Figure 2.

The 4 Universes of the Human Consciousness

   . There is the Objective Universe, which contains all the objects that appear outside us. It is the one that we see with our eyes, as in the following examples: the table, the book, the tree, etc.

   . That one is linked with the Mental Universe, which is accessible from the mind, and that "hosts" the specific thoughts, that we have about the different objects and their relationships. Although the object book is in the Objective Universe, is seen in the mind with the internal look. Actually is not the external book but its representation in the mind what we see. Depending on the mind is, so the book will be seen; that is why we disagree with the other people in how are the things that we see.

   . Then we look at the Universe of Ideas, in which "are": the ideals and ideas of all objects, mathematical principles, etc. We know that a book is a book and not a tree, because we previously have the idea of book that is different from the idea of tree, which allows us to distinguish them.

   . Finally the Intuitional Universe is peculiarly accessible by illumination in the intelligence. It is manifested to the following people: believers, mystics, artists, scientists, etc. It can be sensed in the Figure 1 "beyond" the three-dimensional look that includes the characters within the sphere that encloses them. All of them perceive that there is a fourth dimension where the Dove looks from, but only the character that appears on the left with his "lost" look it seems that he sees in the Intuitional Look.


Figure 1. Glance in the Intuitional Universe.

Scientific and religious visions of the Human Consciousness

   The first three universes are considered by K.R.Popper in the Philosophy of Science. Scientific researcher observes the Universe of Objects, and from his own mind, establishes rational relations with what the Mental Universe is so populated. Then theses and principles are elaborated, which nourish the Universe of Ideas.

   According to Eastern Religious Philosophy, the four universes are fictitious; everything is Brahman or the unique light of knowledge, which is refracted then four times through on those. This also happens in the simple example of the stick inserted into the water, which appears deviant, because the unique light that the cane projects, is refracted when going from air into the water.

   In the Bible, which is believed by Jews, Christians and up to Moses by Muslims also are distinguished 4 Universes: Creator God, who potentially creates is Intuitional Universe; Yahweh-God and the Devil that create really are Universe of Ideas; Adam and Eve in paradise are Mental Universe, because they maintain mental conversations; then when Adam and Eve are incarnated, because they already are outside the paradise and have clothes on their naked bodies, are Objective Universe.

   As stated above, we represent the 4 Universes in Figure 2. Also it is noted in it how they are being embodied in the thinking of the actual hominids:


Figure 2. Glance in the 4 Universes of Consciousness


   We apply what previously was said to the understanding of the Human Sexual Manifestation. We start saying that in the Intuitional Universe is Man, which doesn´t have any sex, but that it potentially contains the sexual duality. This vision is intuitional and does not coincide, therefore, with what is called androgynous.

Unitary vision of the human sexual duality

   All the natives, regardless of their sex, are attached to Man through the two dual ascending branches that are seen in Figure 3. We are all sexually represented in them with the same form, as it follows: Female -Woman- Feminine and Masculine-Man-Male. (I dislike translating the word “Varón” from Spanish into English by using again the word Man as in the Intuitional Universe, but I don´t know another one).

   As we will see later, if the native is a female lives as real the first branch and the second one will be as virtual for her. Those elements of the two branches are scrambled in the existing social language, but it is necessary to distinguish them.


Fig.3. The sexual duality

Linguistic distinction of the 4Uuniverses in sexuality

   Man is in the Intuitional Universe, it is not representable, only intuited. Masculine and Feminine belong to the Universe of Ideas; they are intangible and universal, completely unrelated to any assessment. Man and Woman appear in the Mental Universe; they are the result of social roles played. Male and Female are displayed in the Objective Universe and are recognizable by their physical traits.

   We are used to perceive the other hominids only in the Universe of Objects, being then Male and Female according to their physical bodies. Starting from there it is originated a great misinterpretation because are not distinguished the three other universes. There is, therefore, to debug our perception as well as the language that we use to fully see the human reality, in the way that it was previously explained about the 4 Universes.

   If we look at a Japanese male and at a European one, both are different in the Universe of Objects, because their physical characteristics do not coincide. It happens the same in the Mental Universe, because their behaviors, usages, customs, fashions are different. However, they are equal in the Universe of Ideas because both express the idea Masculine and its virtual Feminine. Finally they already are essentially the same equality in Man.

The real-virtual unity

   Even if a male feels himself masculine, also virtually lives his idea of Feminine. When he meets a woman he likes, his virtual women is then stimulated. If this virtual image does not exist, he would be not so affected by women. He would simply see them as objects in the Objective Universe.

   We can also look how in Nature the male has elements of attraction, which are typical of the feminine idea, and so tries to seduce the female; this also occurs in the human species. We even observe how the Warrior, who is considered a very masculine male, has his campaign outfit and also uses the gala uniform with ornamental elements.

Personal Sexuality

   Figure 4 results from the union of the Figures 2 and 3. They appear 22 links between the circular nodes in a beautiful composition of the structure of the sexuality of the thought, which with its triangles tile the existential level. It has a similar form to the known "tree of life", but its conception is different.

   The central axis of the glance functions like a mirror of the 2 side branches. To find a biologically female native her ideal in Man will tour the ascending road by Woman and Feminine. The road that is parallel to the other side of the mirror being virtual.


Figure 4.Glance, duality and its 22 links. The sexual tree of the life.

Unitarian operation of the two branches of the sexual duality

   When the male native joins his partner it is stimulated his virtual branch and lives a double oneness circulatory experience of real and virtual natures. One example, although it is literary, is D. Quixote of the Mancha. As a real masculine, he is always entrusted the Beautiful Dulcinea as his virtual feminine.

   D. Quijote rejects, therefore, the prostitutes of the inn because they do not coincide with his pure virtual feminine. He also rejects Dulcinea of the Toboso, as a woman in the Mental Universe, because she climbs astride on the donkey and smells like raw garlic. Completely separated from him in the Objective Universe is Aldonza.

Some existing sexual behaviors

   In the effective behavior of hominids it may also happens that a male native express best Feminine than a female native or on the contrary. Also a man can adopt the behaviour of the woman despite keeping as real to Masculine. All this depends on numerous personal and social factors of each culture and of the truly Man´s Evolution.

   There are many effective manifestations of the sexual duality, but safe and direct way for male and female towards Man is keeping its own branch as real and as virtual the opposite one. It is needed to do this with Discernment and Love to the Truth. It is convenient for it to know the articles previously published about the personality structure, but over all the one of "Ego and non-ego".

Women can adopt behaviors of male and vice versa the man

   Next to those previous sexual visions, there are other existing expressions that can be also considered, which you can study in Figure 4. Thus, for example, a female native can connect mentally with her own virtual branch of man. It is possible because Man is sociomental and therefore in part culturally modified, being able as a result to alter the relationships between the roles of men and women.

   In that way, what was for women only lived as male-virtual-mental, it is transformed in part for them into man-real-mental, taking on roles that were held as typical of males. However, it must take into account that many roles of men are not specifically cultural, but coming strictly from Masculine. In this case, if the women adapt them for themselves, it is opened their virtual branch towards Masculine, becoming then masculine-real for their consciousness, which is assumed in their social and personal behavior.

   Women consequently will feel, among other ones, these two trends: 1) To divert from the ascending path of Feminine, which was already real for them, and to follow by the opposite of Masculine, trying to adapt them to their personal behaviors, without considering that both of them are ideas and, therefore, unchangeable; (2) To want transforming then everything that was maintained in the Mental Universe as real of men to be included in their scope of women, but trying to be real females at the same time as well.

   If all the above have to be necessary for the evolution of the human species, it should be done with an illuminated Discernment and with extreme Love to the Truth, because the necessary evolution of all the hominids to Man could be deviated. Everything it has been said above about woman-man can similarly happens with man-woman. You can think about Figur 5.


Figure 5. Does the Mankind evolves towards Man?

Actual existence of the woman-man behavior

   That concrete expression of our "sexual tree of life" woman-man is what is experiencing compulsive and almost fully at present, but we don´t know, therefore, how the real-virtual original sexual duality will be expressed in the future.

   Besides, how will the life react before this recent and massive deviation from the original sexual duality, which it introduced in the living species with its natural wisdom?

   Note that according to what we have been saying “Feminist Movements” should be referred to as “Womenist Movements”, as they are almost reduced to what women occupy roles of the men and that these adopt roles of the women, which is possible to do so since Man and Woman are sociomental.

   If the "Feminist Movements" drink from the source of Feminine ”, social life would be beautiful and would improve the relationships between the human couples. In the Cosmosociety motherhood and childhood have social priority and special protection, and their border is not violated by the State.


• RECOGNITION to my only sister Manuela Luz Lidón Campillo, who helps with care and enthusiasm to review all my writings to facilitate their reading.